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Coal Creek Christmas Craft Market: Aftermath

Back from the Coal Creek Craft Market: Special Yuletide Deluxe Remastered Edition. Or whatever they want to call it.
I spent some time last night finishing up the paint and fitting wheels to my hobby horses.
My stall in all it's might and power. Note that I took my Christmas tree along to use as a display stand for the various Christmas ornaments I've gone and made...
Hobby horses are for uncool children. Cool children with parents to match have hobby dragons. A hobby unicorns. And hobby T-rexes. And hobby dirt bikes.
I've got a few more of these partially completed, but I only had these five done for the market.
 A lot of people were complimentary about the piggies, and hippos, and cats and robots and other geeky and interesting things. No one bought them. People just bought coasters. All the coasters. And nothing but coasters. I've only got three left, and I'm going to have to make more...
The coasters, halfway through being laid-waste to.
You buys boring coasters and not exciting piggies? I haz confussion.