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Coal Creek Christmas Craft Market: Aftermath

Back from the Coal Creek Craft Market: Special Yuletide Deluxe Remastered Edition. Or whatever they want to call it.
I spent some time last night finishing up the paint and fitting wheels to my hobby horses.  A lot of people were complimentary about the piggies, and hippos, and cats and robots and other geeky and interesting things. No one bought them. People just bought coasters. All the coasters. And nothing but coasters. I've only got three left, and I'm going to have to make more...
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Robot Christmas Baubles

Today is the last Coal Creek Craft Market before Christmas, so I've been working on some more christmassy stuff to sell.
So here are some tiny piggy baubles, along with a few petite hippos.

 I've also built some robot cats for the tree and to sell or give as presents. Here's a photo of them with my original set of christmas robots on my rather bare looking tree. They'll be joined by piggies and hippos and presents soon.
All of these things (apart from the tree and the red robots and angel) will be on sale at the craft market today - as well as some other exciting things which I don't have photos of yet. I will try to post pics in a quiet moment while I am there.

Christmas 2018

Last year I built myself a christmas tree. Nothing unusual there - I've built a tree for the last ten years. The difference this time was that I made a wooden tree - all the past ones have been made from foam core. To go with the tree, I made a set of wooden christmas robot ornaments, including a robot angel to go on top. I gave some of these away to friends, and kept four to decorate the tree. Since I had designed the tree with eight hanging points, I bought some cheap plastic baubles to go on the others, and festooned with with tinsel. This year I'm planning to build some more ornaments to finish the tree off. Last year I made festive robots. What will I make this year.
Festive. Robot. Cats.
I'm hoping to make a bunch of these and sell off the spares at the next craft market I attend, which will be on December 9th.
Also thinking about making some other kinds of robot animals as gifts and to sell.

Coal Creek Artisan and Craft Market December 2017.

The next market I will be at is the Coal Creek Artisan and Craft Market on December 9th 2017.
I've just gotten home from the November market - my first ever craft market, where I sold my first ever wooden toy for FUN AND PROFIT!
I'll have:

Assorted colourful toy muscle carsVintage land speed record cards in two sizesItty bitty toy sail boats (they might float, but I have not tested them)Carpet Cruiser tramp steamers (they don't float)Carpet Cruiser large tug boats (they also don't float)Three different sizes of fiesty wooden robotDecorative coasters in four styles (possibly five if I get the last set done)Acoustic Smart Phone amplifiers built by my dad (an older man with a beard)Various sizes of chopping board made from timber reclaimed from demolished kitchens by my dad (an older man with a beard) I'm also planning some chirstmas specific things, so stay tuned for updates.